Anne Richardson

2019 Oregon Film History Conference/Registration FAQ

by Anne Richardson

Registration is now open for Oregon Cartoon Institute’s annual crash course in Oregon film history. The conference is a day of short talks designed to encourage interdisciplinary engagement, open ended conversation, and professional networking among educators, historians, and museum professionals.

We limit the length of each presentation to leave lots of time for Q & A and discussion.

Our 2019 keynote speaker is two time Oscar nominee, Bill Plympton.

Here’s the registration form.

Go here to read more about the conference in detail.


Q: Who goes to the conference?

A: Last year 50 professionals attended from across the state (and a few from across the country.) They were educators, historians, scholars, librarians, archivists, artists, writers, filmmakers and a fair number of “other”. To achieve this mixed audience, we divide the available seats evenly among those professional groups. We will do that again this year. Reservations are on a first come, first served basis for each of the categories.

Q: What’s the conference like?

A: Here’s the previous years: 2015,  2016, 20172018.

Q: What’s the risk of waiting to register?

A: Seating is limited.

Q: Can anyone register to attend?

A: No. The conference is not open to the public.

Q: Who is it for, then?

A This conference is designed for people who are already engaged with interpreting Oregon film history, either in the classroom or to the public. A qualifying affiliation with a non profit (school, museum, historical society, non-profit movie theater, etc) is required in order to register.

Q: I volunteer at my local historical society (school, museum, etc). Does that affiliation qualify me to attend?

A: Yes

Q: I wish to attend but have no qualifying affiliation. What should I do?

A: Contact me and I will see if I can match you up with a qualifying organization as a volunteer.

Q: May I reserve two seats?

A: No. One seat per registration.

Q: How much does the conference cost?

A: It is free.


Feb. 5, 2019. Registration opens.

April 19, 2019. Registration closes.

May 3, 2019. 5th annual Oregon Film History Conference.

The 2019 Oregon Film History Conference steering committee: Libby Burke (BPA), Michele Kribs (OHS), Elizabeth Peterson (UO), and Anne Richardson (OCI).

Any questions can be directed to Anne Richardson, the director of the conference.

Oregon Cartoon Institute thanks Kinsman Foundation for their generous program support.

The fifth annual Oregon Film History Conference receives support from Oregon Film, aka the Governor’s Office for Film & Television. Thank you, Tim Williams!

The fifth annual Oregon Film History Conference receives support from Oregon Film Museum. Thank you, Mac Burns!

The fifth annual Oregon Film History Conference receives support from the James Blue Alliance. Thank you, Richard Blue and Dan Blue!

That’s it! See you there.


Founded in 2007 by Anne Richardson and Dennis Nyback, Oregon Cartoon Institute uses new media, archival film, research, networking, and cross disciplinary discussion to explore Oregon film, animation, and print cartooning history.  It has no brick and mortar presence, and always works in partnership with organizations which do.

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