What I Do

I direct Oregon Cartoon Institute, a 501c3 non profit, which uses new media, archival film, research, networking, and cross disciplinary discussion to explore Oregon film, animation, and print cartooning history.

Our larger public history/arts education events:

2006 The Portland That Was

2009 Oregon Sesquicentennial Film Festival at Marylhurst

2011 Mel Blanc Project

2013 Harry Smith PDX (+ Paul Wolfe’s bonus photoblog)

2014-2015 Mid Century Oregon Genius


2017 Oregon Film History Invitational

2018 Oregon Film History Conference

I write about Oregon film history.

Notes On James Blue

It’s The Ignominy, Stupid: Portland, Portlandia, and Robert Johnston’s Radical Middle Class

Handy Guide to Growing Independent Film Outside LA and New York: What Portland Did Right

How Oregon Cartoon Institute Began: An Illustrated Guide

Portland Film Family Tree

I advise projects which explore Oregon’s film, animation, and print cartooning history.

Comic City USA, at OHS

Oregon’s Animation Magic: An Oregon Art Beat Special, on OPB

James Blue Alliance

I write about regional identity.

Bookology: A Cascadia Crash Course

Happy Birthday, Salmon Boy

Oregon Post Illahee: Bi-Culturality In Our DNA

I write about women in film.

Carrie Brownstein’s Cinematic Sisterhood: Vanessa Renwick, Miranda July & Marne Lucas

Sofia Coppola, Oscar Princess

Marilyn Monroe’s Oregon Connection (and Stuffing Recipe)

Sometimes, I climb a soapbox.

Oregon Must Cherish Its Art And Artists by Keeping The Ken Kesey Papers In The State

Oregon Film History Initiative Celebrates 20 Fabulous Years:  A Trip Ahead In A Time Machine