Anne Richardson

Oregon Cartoon Institute@Association of Moving Image Archivists Conference, Nov. 28-Dec 1., 2018

by Anne Richardson


On Nov. 28-Dec 1, 2018, hundreds of archivists, librarians, collectors, curators, students, educators, artists, technologists, researchers, distributors, exhibitors, service providers, consultants, and advocates of preservation of the moving image will converge in the Hilton Hotel, right in the center of Portland’s film history rich downtown.

Downtown Portland is where young Mel Blanc sold newspapers. It’s where Clark Gable apprenticed as a stage actor, Gus Van Sant shot lots of MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO (see above), Courtney Love performed at Mary’s Club, Bill Plympton animated his first film, and Matt Groening‘s mom used to drop him off at the Hilton to go swimming. Ernest Haycox, the Westerns writer (STAGECOACH), had an office in downtown Portland as did the dentist father of Gordon Scott, star of TARZAN’S GREATEST ADVENTURE.


During the 20th annual conference of the Association of Moving Image Archivists, three Oregon Cartoon Institute members will be right there, in the middle of the action.

Ben Truwe, OCI board member, will be there wearing his other hat, as member of the board of directors of Southern Oregon Historical Society. His panel will discuss specific issues unique to creating and sustaining regional and community archives.

Dennis NybackOCI co-founder and independent film archivist, will screen three rare 16mm shorts from his collection.

Anne Richardson, OCI director and intrepid spelunker into regional caves of Oregon film history, will talk about the way films in private collections transformed her understanding of a regional strength.

Another presentation we’re excited about: a team from Paramount Pictures Library is coming to the conference to describe a project underway to preserve the interview footage from Warren Beatty’s REDS (1981).

Right up OCI’s alley, in terms of film history research.

Here’s the AMIA conference website:


Founded in 2007 by Anne Richardson and Dennis Nyback, Oregon Cartoon Institute uses new media, archival film, research, networking, and cross disciplinary discussion to explore Oregon film, animation, and print cartooning history.  It has no brick and mortar presence, and always works in partnership with organizations which do.

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