We called each other on the phone or sent actual letters to each other.

by Anne Richardson

Portrait of Matt by Andrew Kosinski, at DINCA.org.

From a post on Oregon Movies, A to Z:

Anne:  I see a big parallel between the scene you facilitated here and the No Wave scene in NYC during the early 80’s. In both instances, the boundary between musicians and filmmakers was almost invisible (Jim Jarmusch, John Zorn), DIY ruled, and people were working way way way off the grid, and not with an eye to mastering Hollywood narrative.
Matt McCormick: I think I agree with that.  It’s more just about creative culture- music, film, art, writing.  when you are that far off the grid (and in pre-internet days) it was harder to find your people, so creatives stuck together- communities were formed based on creative personalities as much as genre or artistic medium. especially for the stuff in a more avant garde direction.  as an experimental filmmaker i often find more in common with an experimental musician then i do a mainstream/hollywood type filmmaker.

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