People think love is an emotion. Love is good sense. Ken Kesey

by Anne Richardson

From my May 19, 2012 editorial in The Oregonian:

I grew up in Portland and returned home after spending 30 years away. What struck me most forcefully upon my return was how strongly Oregon wanted to believe it was a backwater. I saw Gus Van Sant films in Manhattan theaters, read about Chuck Palahniuk’s books in the Sunday Times, saw The Dandy Warhols’ club dates in the Village Voice.

I knew these artists came from my 3,000-mile-away home. I also knew that New Yorkers wanted to believe that everything clever or new or beautiful came from somewhere south of 14th Street.

I accepted this refusal to assign Oregon citizenship to successful artists as strange, but understandable. What I was not prepared for, when I returned home, was the discovery that Portlanders too, wanted to identify its artists as originating spiritually, if not actually, from somewhere south of 14th street. A programmer for a local film festival told me he could not identify the Oregon roots of a visiting director because it would turn off his audience. Portlanders wanted better than that. They wanted art created by people who did not grow up in Oregon.

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